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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still around somewhere

So, I've barely had a chance to sit at the computer for the past week. Today will be no exception, but I wanted to take a couple minutes to at least check in. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, Passover, or any other holiday or non-holiday you've celebrated lately.

As for myself, this morning's big goal is to make sure everything is washed and dried so we can pack away all the kitchen supplies that only come out once a year. Then, I'm going to try to find a reasonable place to put all those buckets of kitchen supplies that doesn't involve the basement - we're having the basement finished in the near future, so there's no point in storing anything down there right before we will need to pull it all out.

You should see me around more this week. My goal for April break is to finish Inbox. This may be somewhat optimistic, and depends on how long the story I'm working on turns out to be, but at the least I would like to get an update done today or tomorrow, and another around the end of the week.

I'm also going to NYC on Tuesday to meet with my publisher and editor, which I am looking forward to. At least hours in the airport will give me an opportunity to get some editing and writing done.

And that's the update for the day.

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  1. When will you have book signings again?