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Thursday, January 19, 2012

All Just Glass

All Just Glass
has been nominated by Teenreads.com (in association with the Children's Book Council CBC and Every Child a Reader) for their 2012 Teen Choice Book of the Year!

The 5 titles that receive the most votes will serve as finalists for the CBC's 2012 Teen Choice Book of the Year.

Please vote for me!
And for 4 other people!



  1. As do I! Good luck!

    Also, I know this is a horrible place for this, but I'm having issues registering for your message board, Mrs. Amelia, and was wondering if there is any way you can help.
    I tried to contact the Board Admin, neserarai@aim.com, but the several emails I sent were all rejected, and I dunno if any got through.

    Aside from that, I have a request, I have had the idea in my head for months, and I wish to form a role play forum based on the world you've given life to. I was hoping for both a blessing and a christening (Not meaning to sound religious, I just hold your work in that high of esteem) for such a forum. If possible.

  2. Suiyex - it looks like the email attached to the board's admin contact is out of date. I'll update that now, and you can try contacting again via the admin link, or you can let me know here what problem you're having registering. Once we get you on the board, that will be a better forum to discuss your RP ideas.

    - Amelia

  3. I'm so glad I found this! First of all, I voted for you. :)

    Second, and there might possibly be a fourth here, I wanted to let you know that you are a huge inspiration for me. I absolutley LOVED your books in high school (I am now 23, and still love them.), and they really helped me get through some hard times. I don't want to go into huge details here, but thank you so much for your writing. You have been my favorite author since I first picked up In The Forests of The Night, and still are.

    Third, I have a blog called Ink Spots and Roses, and would absolutley love to spotlight you on it somehow. I don't know if you ever do author interview or guest blogs, but that would be amazing if you had the time.

    And, for the fourth, who is in charge of sending out ARC copies of All Just Glass when they are available? Would I contact your publicist through Random House?

    I know that was a ton of information. I searched everywhere to see if there was an email address or something for you, but I saw that you didn't have one and this was the best way to contact you.

    Thanks so much for your time!

    I'll always be a huge fan, and hope when my son grows up he'll love all of your books just as much as I do.

    1. Scratch the ARC thing. I totally forgot the book was published, time to go buy it. Being a mom is totally killing my brain cells lately. Sorry about that!

  4. I liked all just glass but sometimes i wish there was more romance between the vamps. I loved the keishara series but anyways it was a good book and also i would love a second part to demon in my view what happend to abruey and jessica? Lol... Anyways love your books you really are an inspiration and i wish you good luck on everything God bless.