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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random Buzzers: 1/24 - 1/28

Do you have questions, about All Just Glass, or really anything at all? Head on over to Random Buzzers this week! It's not too late to post new questions.


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  2. I found out the Umass Amherst School Library didn't have your books so I sent them an email, and they are now ordering your books. Though I shouldn't be too surprised, even if that library is really tall, they seem to be seriously lacking in the amount of fiction... probably have to go to the Amherst Public Library for that.

  3. Hi, I bet you get asked this question alot, but how did it feel being published at such a young age?

  4. Hi Amelia!
    I saw in your previous post that you mentioned someone called Morgan. Who is he/she?
    I assume it's a pet. If so, what kind of animal is Morgan?

    Regards from Sweden,

  5. @Leonora
    Morgan is an adorable (female) cat who is obsessed with water.