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"We're the only country on earth stitched together by words and, most important, their dangerous progeny, ideas. And those ideas have had weight. They have had force, not just for us in our eternal dealings, but for the rest of the world." ~ Ken Burns

Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 5

“Don't get it right, just get it written”
- James Thurber (American Writer, 1894-1961)

Prompts of the Day: Your character has to hide from someone or something - wild bees, a serial killer, an unwanted relative, whatever.

include the following line(s) [edit pronouns/tense/etc if necessary]: "It was exactly then I decided..."

Tip of the Day
: If you feel stuck, try changing your method. Go somewhere you don’t normally work. If you normally write in a quiet library, try moving to a busy cafĂ©. If you normally write with music on, try going somewhere quiet.

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  1. So weird - I only just started reading your Nano-related posts, yet my story has somehow incorporated some of your writing prompts, including mistaken identity & strange behavior!