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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fruits of Autumn

It is now October, which puts us firmly into my favorite season: Fall.

I love fall harvest. I love candy corn, and the decorations people put out for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love pumpkin pie, and apple cider donuts. I love the mingled smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and maple. I love the smell of crisp leaves as they begin to fall, and the way the whole world goes golden on its way to a deep, long winter sleep.

I love the continual contest between the occasional balmy, 80-degree day, and those mornings when you wake up and can almost taste snow (and, occasionally, actually see it). I love days of apple-picking and pumpkin carving with my nieces.

Football season is under way again, which doesn't just mean the games- which I enjoy- but also means Sundays with the family gathered around, eating nachos and chili or chicken wings, dips or whatever people feel like making.

And then it's November, which means NaNoWriMo, which is good because fall is a season when it always feels like anything can happen. It is a season of magic, so what better way to spend a large portion of it than throwing yourself in to a goal of 50k in 30 days?

Though of course, within November is also Thanksgiving, my favorite holiday of the year.

So everyone out there... welcome to autumn, welcome to fall, welcome to the season of one last beautiful hurrah before the long winter's night.


  1. I think yo just made me love Autumn even more than I already do. :)

  2. It's love/hate with me and autumn. I adore summer and humidity and wearing cute clothes. On the other hand, I also enjoy being able to wear hoodies and I've been craving a bonfire since the weather started to cool off. I love everything about autumn except when it trails off into winter. Winter hurts my soul. Maybe it's because I've grown out of my snow gear and can't play in it anymore...

    I love the time right up until Halloween. Right when the leaves turn and it's pleasant and, as you said, it's magical. Real magic, where you wouldn't be surprised to meet a witch or something. This season has always had an almost palpable magical vibe for me.

  3. Autumn is, without a doubt, the "best" season. I'm not too keen on the societal aspects of it (Halloween, football, etc.) but I love the scenery this time of year. Something about the changing leaves and cool air calms me (actually, cool air always calms me; it might have something to do with my "addiction" to icy temperatures...).

    "So everyone out there... welcome to autumn, welcome to fall, welcome to the season of one last beautiful hurrah before the long winter's night."

    Hmm... I really enjoy long winter nights, though. :) I consider fall to be a beautiful precursor to the raging winds, snowstorms, and below-freezing temperatures, which I love. (Ah, don't mind me; I'm a nature freak. I don't run around hugging trees or anything, but I find that I do my best thinking when surrounded by nature.)

  4. oooh Autumn. I have love/hate too. The weather is usually fantastic...but then again it means winter is coming...and BLAH, ew to winter.

    Good luck with NaNo! Hopefully I'll actually get into it this year. I have everything set up, so here's to kicking butt in Nov!