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Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Days

One of my friends pointed out that we all sound like we're in a horror movie like "The Ring" lately. She keeps sending me texts updating me on how many days are left before she visits (she's coming in a few days before the wedding) so I get ominous text-messages like:

Five days left!

Only three days!

Right now, we're eight days out from the wedding. Eight days from exactly now, I'll probably be getting hair-and-makeup done. Nine days from now, I'll be married.

Two days from now, hopefully I'll have finished the bathroom tile and grout, so when my friend comes to visit there will be a working shower in this house.

I'm off to get back to that: A Buffy Season 7 marathon while mixing mastic and hanging tile.


  1. Gotta love Buffy Marathons while you're working, studying, or well any time! Season 2 got me through 2 straight days of nonstop math homework last week!

  2. Do you want another friend texting you the days? Or two? Or I'm sure we could manage all four of us who aren't already doing it. XD

    By the way? 7 days now. :)

  3. random stranger de-lurking to say congratulations and best wishes! <3

  4. Exciting! There's always lots to do beforehand, and lots to do after, but hopefully you get an awesome wedding day! Congrats!

  5. at least once a year i do a buffy/angel marathon, im on season 2 right now, i love joss whedon shows!!

    best wishes/congrats on your wedding!!!

    ps: im excited for all just glass!

  6. I'm so happy for you! Congrats! :D

  7. Just a few hours away! Congrats!!

  8. Hey, Congrats on your wedding. :)