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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kiesha'ra Omnibus

I just got a call from my editor and apparently, the Den of Shadows Omnibus is doing well enough that Random House has decided to do another "big book" for the Kiesha'ra Series. At long last, fans of the Kiesha'ra can have a 900+ page book dedicated to all five books, including perhaps something at the end - reader's guide? Note from the author? Who knows?

We're still working on art, title, formatting, and release date. Tentatively, the release date would be January 2010, but that's subject to change.

[edit] It looks like Random House is going to use cover-art from the same artist who did the Den of Shadows Omnibus. I was very happy with that art, and I think I may like the picture they're using for this one even more. You can find it on her Deviant Art account, here.


  1. It looks like big books are the fashion trend, doesn't it?

  2. Shoot, can't edit comments. I wanted to add that the artist's work is really cool and that it reminds me of DIMV and ITFOTN in a way that your more recent covers haven't (except modernized, of course).

  3. I didn't even know that they had done one for Den of Shadows. Huh. Christmas? Perhaps.

  4. hmm....I'd love a book that maybe went into the falcon language. Like how to read, write and speak it. I think the falcon language would be a rather interesting language to learn. ^_^

  5. Wish list: Den of Shadows Quartet, Midnight Predator, and Kiesha'Ra Omnibus. Then I'll own all of her books finally... Oy

  6. Actually, Midnight Predator is in the DoS Quartet...

  7. Hello my name is leanna and i have some question about The Kiesha'ra Series. ok i have to know is the language in the books completly mad up or did you get it form some thing? i would love to know.
    would love to talk to some more. if you have time that is. with best wishes, leanna.