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Sunday, January 20, 2013

In the Works

Those of you who followed Inbox of Diana Smoke will be excited to hear that I am starting another web-based project in the near future, this one hopefully including substantially more opportunities for reader interaction and participation.

I'm hoping to start updating "Notes from the Desk of Xeke Catene" in February, after I submit the revised Bloodwitch manuscript to Random House... er, Penguin Random House (?)

Even more so than its predecessor, "Notes" will be less of a single, coherent story.  Instead, I am hoping to make it a platform for reader-driven exploration of Nyeusigrube.  I have no idea how this will go.  Let's find out together, shall we?

For more information, you can check out the Blue-X site, or the message board forum.  If you haven't yet read Inbox of Diana Smoke, I recommend you check that out, as well- it tells a lot about the events between All Just Glass and Poison Tree.

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