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Monday, July 16, 2012

San Diego CC

This is cross-posted with a message board thread here, because I am trying to encourage people to come to the message board and chat. I have about a dozen readers who have been ordered to post in exchange for my signing their books, so I thought I would start a thread to make it easy on them - and for anyone else who wants to join, here or on the message board.

I you were at SDCC, what were some of the cool things you did and saw? (besides me, I mean, though you're welcome to mention that too) Did anyone get into the Supernatural Q&A, or meet Mira Grant aka Seanan Mcguire? Those were the two events I was saddest to miss. Did you see any awesome costumes? What was the best part? the worst?

Those of you who weren't at SDCC, feel free to share your own con experiences. If you have video of me and the rest of organization 13 doing the kitty cat dance, I even give you permission to post it (I know that video is out there, but I can't remember who has it). Many of the moderators and members of this board are active cosplayers and/or have experience selling at conventions, so there are some fun stories out there.

Outside the awesome people in my own panel, I had a great time getting to know my new publicist better. We finally had time to just chat, outside a boardroom, which I really enjoyed. I also had a chance to meet and talk briefly with Christopher Paolini. We have both heard so much about each other since he published (the other "young" author), and get lumped together a lot despite our writing, philosophies and backgrounds being so different. It was fun to put a face to the name and say "hi."

My favorite costume of the weekend: a little girl dressed up as a stone angel from Dr. Who. Though I did stumble across the same Roxas-and-Axel pair several times. I embarissed myself by calling Roxas "Sora" because I saw the key and the hair before I could see the jacket.

I won't talk much about the panel, because I'm hoping to lure others to do so (hint hint), except to say it was a lot of fun. Even though each author gets to say less in a shared panel, I really enjoy them because I get to hear from other writers.

That's my story. What's yours?

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