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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Moving on...

This past November, I participated in National Novel Writing Month. I wrote a novel approximately 50,000 words long, which may or may not be part of Nyeusigrube canon.

Why am I uncertain? Because this novel changes a lot.

Many millenniums ago- in the history of Nyeusigrube- two humans made a deal with a fire elemental generally referred to in modern day as Leona. The students and progeny of those two once-humans further spread their power, creating in the process the vampires, witches and shapeshifters you have met in my previous books.

About a month ago, one of my characters "broke" that status quo.

Now I need to decide- do I pretend it never happened? Or do I move on, and explore what the world has become? I'm not entirely sure which characters are alive or dead. I started building Nyeusigrube in 1995, the summer after fifth grade; two years later, I wrote In the Forests of the Night, and now, fourteen years later, I need to decide whether I am ready to explore a world reborn.

Some of you will like the prospect. Some of you will hate it. Regardless what I decide, Token of Darkness, All Just Glass and Poison Tree come first in terms of publication.

I'm just not sure yet what happens after that.


  1. It makes sense for things to change. You're a different writer now than you were then. I love the world the way it is now and your characters are among my favourites, but maybe letting the story grow with you is where you need to be. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Maybe the question is just "What world do you want to write in?" And if you want to write in that changed world and the next story (the one after the titles you mentioned and the NanNoWriMo novel) comes to you from that world then there's no reason not to play in it. If the next one comes and ignores the possible changes, then... there you go. You've got lots of time to get comfortable with either option.

  2. Go with it! If the timeline changed, there's prolly a reason for it. Plus it will be interesting to see what happens in the new world.