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"We're the only country on earth stitched together by words and, most important, their dangerous progeny, ideas. And those ideas have had weight. They have had force, not just for us in our eternal dealings, but for the rest of the world." ~ Ken Burns

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Day 11

Your sword can be a sermon or the power of the pen.
Teach every child to raise his voice and then, my brothers, then
Will justice be demanded by ten million righteous men.

- Lyrics from “Make Them Hear You,” by Lynn Ahrens, from the musical Ragtime

Prompt of the Day: Open some form of music player with a shuffle feature. Put it on random. Write down the second line of the first random song that comes up. Use that line* in today's writing.

*If necessary to fit your world or characters, you may change pronoun, or replace references to technologies/locations/etc that just don't exist. For example, if you write in a medieval world and the lyrics mention a spaceship, you can either be really creative, or change it to some equivalent form of transport.

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